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KIRIKI PRESS | Embroidered Doll Starter Kit


Brand Kiriki
1 available

The Kiriki Press D.I.Y. Embroidered Doll Starter Kit includes all of the essential elements you need to start embroidering! Each pattern is designed to teach a fun and interesting range of stitches, good for beginners or experienced stitchers alike. Recommended for Ages 12+

  • 6" Embroidery hoop (may include a bamboo hoop rather than the plastic style shown in the photo)

• 2 Embroidery needles (no. 9 & no. 10)

• Stork embroidery scissors

• Kiriki Embroidery Stitch Library: an illustrated instructional book detailing the complete range of stitches used in Kiriki patterns, as well as tips and tricks for perfecting your stitches.

• Your choice of one D.I.Y Embroidered Doll Kit:
- Screen printed pattern on cotton
- Printed backing fabric
- Range of DMC Embroidery Floss
- Eco-friendly stuffing
- Step-by-step illustrated instructions

All Kiriki patterns are screen printed by hand with vibrant, water-based inks right onto the fabric so no tracing or transferring is ever required!

Starter Kit does not include finished doll. Finished doll will be about 4.5"/11cm tall.

Choose any of the following for your Starter Kit from the dropdown menu:

Level 1: Monkey, Elephant
Level 2: Horned Owl, Fox, Squirrel

Level 3: Raccoon

What's the difference between the levels
Level 1 kits feature a few basic stitches
Level 2 kits feature a wider range of stitches, including a few more advanced ones
Level 3 kits feature a range of stitches that cover most of the surface, so they take quite a bit longer than Level 1 or 2 kits.

How long do the dolls take to embroider?
Level 1: 4-5 hours
Level 2: 5-12 hours
Level 3: 15-30 hours


Photos by: Ben Lariviere http://benlariviere.com/

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