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Katrinkles | Plant Press Kit


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Press flowers, leaves, and other small plants easily and on-the-go with the Plant Press from Katrinkles. Plant presses provide a special way of cherishing the beauty of the natural world and make the perfect accessory for journaling, scrapbooking, and sketchbooks. Collect small specimens on your travels, secure them in the press and tuck into your project bag for later study. Add dried flowers and plants to your journal for adornment and inspiration, or incorporate them into your work. A thoughtful gift for the nature lover or explorer in your life.

The Plant Press is designed for portability and ease of use, with clear instructions etched on one side. Like our other tools, it is made out of durable and attractive hard wood, and uses sturdy brass hardware. It's a unique addition to any crafter's collection.

Plant Press Kit includes:

  • 2 piece Wooden Plant Press w/ Brass Hardware (instructions etched on one side)
  • 2 x Pieces of Cardboard
  • 1 x Template to trace your blotting paper
  • Packed in Muslin Drawstring bag
  • *Blotting Paper NOT included

You can use any kind of paper including copy paper for your blotting paper.  Katy likes to use watercolor paper because she likes how absorbent it is.

Product Details:

  • Material: Domestic Cherry
  • Approximate Size: Assembled 2.5” x 2.5”

Make sure to share your work by tagging it #katrinkles when you post it on instagram.

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