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Katrinkles | Firefly Knitting Bag ID Tag


3 available

You'll no longer have to worry about losing your craft projects forever with these handy custom bag keychains. Loop one of our Firefly Fibers tags onto each of your project bags to ensure it's returned to you if you're accidentally separated. It's kind of like an insurance policy for your works in progress.

The tag front has the Firefly Fibers logo and you can write your name and contact info (email or phone) on the back with a ballpoint pen (sharpie and felt tip pens are not recommended because they can bleed).

Knitting bag keychain tags make a great gift for your knitting friends and a useful addition for your own project bags. Make sure you add one to each of your projects.

These bag keychains are made of 3/16" thick alder and loop onto your knitting bag with 2" of ball chain. These are made in our studio in Pawtucket, RI of wood which is sustainable, renewable and grows in the Northeastern United States.

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