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JAMIESON & SMITH | 2 Ply Jumper


20+ available

Available in the full palette of nearly 100 beautiful shades originally designed by Jamieson and Smith, their flagship yarn cannot be imitated in terms of depth of color and spinning quality.

Please Note: 2ply Jumper Weight does not have names for shades, the descriptions names are here to help as a reference, please only go by the shade number. Although every effort has been made here to photograph the shade as near as possible different screens may change how it looks.

FIBER: 100% Shetland Wool
YARDAGE: approx. 114yds / 105m*
WEIGHT: Fingering
GAUGE: 32 sts = 4"
NEEDLE: US 1½ - 3 or 2.5 - 3.25mm

Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Jamieson & Smith's Jumper weight yarns are made from 100% Shetland wool and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. Shetland wool is an incredibly natural and sustainable fibre, and is world renowned for its fineness and warmth. Shetland Sheep graze on the islands' hills and beaches eating wild heather and seaweed. This diet, along with the not-so-great weather, makes Shetland wool soft, strong and warm. Shetland Wool is also very diverse: it's perfect for hand-knitting both Shetland Lace and Fair Isle, as well as for knitwear manufacture and weaving. Jamieson & Smith hand sort and grade their wool for for yarn and, to make sure that nothing goes to waste, the coarser parts of the fleece are used in carpets and mats.

Note... this yarn can also be used in vintage patterns which call for "4ply yarn".

*Per J&S: In 2024, it came to light that 2ply Jumper Weight had the incorrect yardage on the ball bands. Nothing has changed, as the balls were always measured and sold by weight, but the yardage is now correct with 114 yards.

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