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We're thrilled to share that Spark, hand dyed by H+W co-founder Sloane Rosenthal, is here and ready to ship! 

FIBER: 78% kid mohair / 28% silk
YARDAGE: 459 yds [420 m]
AMOUNT: 1.76 oz [50 g]
GAUGE: Varies by project
NEEDLE: Varies by project

Hand-dyed by H+W co-founder Sloane Rosenthal at H+W HQ West in Boulder, Colorado, Spark is their newest yarn. This delightful, airy confection is designed to pair with our core bases, and is hand-dyed in an array of gently tonal colors designed to delicately complement our favorite dyed colorways in Forge and Weld. 

While you can of course knit with it on its own, Spark really shines when you carry it along with Forge or Weld to add dimensionality, texture, and an effervescent halo and shine to your projects. Together, Spark and Weld knit at approximately a DK or light-worsted gauge (not unlike Forge), while Forge + Spark combine for an Aran or Chunky-ish gauge. 

A quick note about color: each skein of Spark is unique. Spark is hand dyed in batches of 3-5 skeins, but every skein will take the dye slightly differently and no two skeins are exactly alike. Because Spark is typically held with Forge or Weld, we don't think you need to alternate skeins, but please order as much as you need to complete your project when you place your order, as we will not be able to match batches later on if you run out of yarn.

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