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Wandering Ewe | Collectors Marker Bracelet


20+ available

Pre-order today to pick up at the shop during this year's yarn crawl July 26-28 :: limited quantities available during the yarn crawl.

For the 2019 Wandering Ewe Yarn Crawl we have a fun (and practical) collector's item for you... a Katrinkles limited edition stitch marker bracelet!

Option 1: Purchase a ready made bracelet including the Wandering Ewe progress keeper and a unique marker from each of the 6 shops. 

Option 2: Purchase the bracelet only with a Wandering Ewe progress keeper, pick up at Firefly Fibers at the beginning of the crawl and collect the shop markers from each shop as you wander - individual markers will be available for the bracelet for $2.50 each or will be included with a $50 purchase.

We hope you can wander with us this year!

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