Lunenburg Knitalong Kicks Off February 17th!

PLIED | Trail Point Hat Kit


Brand Plied
3 available

Longtime Plied friend Spout Knits released what we think is the perfect hat: easy, cozy, warm (with a double-layer brim!), and a blank canvas for playing with color.

Six bobbins of Plied North Ave is enough to make either size! We’ve put together kits for the two samples shown in the photo and a few other combinations we love.

You can purchase the pattern from Spout Knits here.

Here are the colors included in each kit:

Blue Brown: 2 bobbins each of The Bunk, Lady Day, and The Gateway

Gray Purple: 1 bobbin each of The Gateway, Light Tower, Webb, Dovecote, Poe, and Nyaa!

Green Orange: 1 bobbin each of Vacants to Value, Windup Space, Arch Social Club, and Graffiti Alley; 2 bobbins of Oxford Tavern

Yellow Red: 2 bobbins each of CityLink, Coddies, and Oxford Tavern

Purple Blue: 2 bobbins each of Nyaa!, John Waters, and AVAM

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