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Fabula Nebulae | Natural Deodorant - Magnesium & Charcoal


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Not stinky. Not sticky. Not toxic. Finally - this one's a keeper. Not stinky. Not sticky. Not toxic. Formulated with magnesium and activated charcoal for sensitive skin, without baking soda. Essential oils used for antibacterial purpose only, no additional fragrance added.
Apply to underarms as needed. Discontinue use if irritation develops, do not apply to broken skin. Not an antiperspirant. May stain some clothing; to minimize staining, wait a few minutes after application before putting on a top.

SCENT: barely noticeable herbal product scent, not noticeable when applied.

INGREDIENTS: magnesium hydroxide, extra virgin olive oil, calendula and lavender flowers, coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, meadowfoam oil, mango butter, beeswax, candelilla wax, plantain oil, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E, activated charcoal, essential oils: thyme, tea tree, lavender, lemon.

Expires 12 months after opening- Use within 12 months after opening.

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