Knitalong (KAL), what’s that about?

For those of you wondering what this Knitalong (KAL) thing is all about, read on:

What is a KAL?

Simply put, a knitalong (KAL) is a group of knitters working on an individual project with a common theme (project, pattern, yarn...).  At Firefly Fibers, we select the yarn & pattern, so all you have to do when we announce the project is choose your color.  This last part is easier said than done!

We currently run seasonal knitalongs to provide flexibility for participation and completion of your project before the end date. Our goal is to inspire you with a project that will smoothly transition from WIP to a fabulous FO when you put the time into it.

Why should you participate?

Inspiration and timelines!  Knitalongs are a great opportunity to try something new (pattern, yarn, technique) that you might not have otherwise selected.

The second reason is that you are on a timeline to finish - our KAL projects can realistically be completed during the given timeline, even with a busy lifestyle or starting well after our start date.

Participating & Sharing?

Anyone can participate in our knitalongs!  When we announce the project, visit us in person or *online for the listed Firefly Fibers supplies and cast on!

Yes, sharing! If you're local, join us at the shop during open knitting to work on your project with other knitters. If you're part of our online community, or you can't make it to our open knitting, or you just can't get enough of sharing your KAL progress, be sure to join the Firefly Fibers Ravelry Group to chat, ask questions and interact with the other knitters working on the Knitalong project. 

Let’s be inspired and learn from each other!

Knitalong Appreciation

We appreciate your participation in our knitalongs and we want to thank YOU just for joining, so...

  • Just for joining: when you purchase supplies (either at the shop or online), let us know you'll be knitting along and we'll add you to the KAL list so you'll be eligible for the incentive on the next knitalong (announced when the next KAL launches).
    • *If you order online, just leave us a note that you'll be knitting along before you check out so we know to add you to our KAL list (there's a box in the cart for comments).
  • Finishing: finish your knitalong by the finish date, post an FO photo in our KAL Ravelry group thread for that KAL and you'll be entered for a grand prize. Prize drawing will vary from one KAL to the next and will be announced with the KAL.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us!