Plied & Fibre Co Bundle Sale is on NOW!

Firefly Fibers is now (mostly) ONLINE ONLY as our brick-and-mortar shop transitions to scheduled appointments for in-person shopping (schedule a time here) and local pickup beginning January 2023 - no changes are being made to our online offerings at

The joys and challenges of running a small business have been plentiful since opening in 2010. Over the years, especially the last 3, there have been many lessons in flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. Firefly Fibers began as a wee local yarn shop, and now serves a global community thanks to our amazing fiber enthusiasts worldwide.  As we’ve grown, like many other small businesses, we quite simply don’t have the necessary resources to continue as we are, or as we were 3 years ago before the pandemic hit, so we are, again, pivoting and adapting.

Our beautiful brick-and-mortar shop will continue to operate by scheduled appointment for in-store shopping and local pickup, as well as in-person events, but we will no longer have regular walk-in shopping days/hours. We’ll still see you, just by appointment and we’re excited about this next step and hope to offer more to our local community with in-store events as we move forward. If you’re local, stay tuned as we embark on this new adventure!

For our online community, we’re looking forward to being able to connect more, while continuing to build and strengthen our relationship with you. Moving to scheduled appointments for our brick-and-mortar shop will allow us to begin offering virtual appointments again, and we’ll also have more time freed up for you when you need to reach out to us via email. Many in our online community are also local or localish, so we hope this transition will be a welcome change for you as everyone benefits from our new focus, and you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the shop in person for events.

In 2010, Firefly Fibers opened as a brick-and-mortar LYS and our online shop was introduced shortly after in anticipation of a summer where the street in front of our shop would be under massive construction for months, making it very difficult for anyone to reach us. We found so much joy in working with customers online by helping them select yarn via email or phone, wondering what’s going to be made, packing each order with love and the requisite (with rare exception) handwritten “Thank You” note, and sending packages of our curated yarns around the world. It’s so much more than just “throwing yarn in a box”, we know we’re sending you your next project that you carefully selected and trusted us to get to you, and we’re honored to be part of your process.

Over the last few years, it’s become a messy juggling act of online shop, brick-and-mortar, and maintaining accurate inventory for both - essentially, Alisa’s been running 2 businesses with part-time help and she just can’t keep all the balls in the air any longer. We have a long wish list of things we want to do, and we’re hopeful to start ticking off those boxes soon, so we can share the projects that have been waiting for resources to become available.

We understand this change may be hard for our local community, it’s a difficult change for us as well - we love being part of Beaver Dam and especially the Downtown community. Rest assured that much thought and consideration went into our decision and we’ll continue to adapt and be flexible because the world is ever-changing. This is where we are now, and things can always (and will likely) change again.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to the next leg of our journey with you!