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Brooklyn Tweed | PEERIE


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210 yards | 20.5 microns | 50 grams | Fingering weight | 4-ply worsted-spun

100% Nevada & Utah-grown Merino wool
Dyed in Saco, Maine. Spun in Springvale, Maine.
6.25 - 8 stitches to 1" | Suggested Needle: 2.75 - 3.5 mm (US 2-4)


Peerie brings an exciting new range of possibilities to Brooklyn Tweed’s breed-specific core yarn line. Our first worsted-spun, fingering-weight yarn begins with Merino sheep from the western ranges of the United States. Merino sheep are known for their fine and dense fleeces; in fact, Peerie is our softest yarn yet at 20.5 microns.

Worsted-spun in Springvale, Maine at Jagger Brothers, Peerie is smooth, strong, and full of lively bounce. Its 4-ply construction enhances luster and lends a polished hand to cabled or textured fabrics. Peerie also beckons to be worked into open lace motifs or snug stockinette for equally beautiful fabrics destined for daily use or heirloom pieces.

Dyed in Saco, Maine at Maine Dye & Textiles, Peerie’s expansive 45 color palette makes it the perfect colorwork companion. With a range of jewel tones, soft pastels, and warm neutrals, Peerie has a colorway for everyone to enjoy.

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