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We work hard to stock sweater quantities for you, so when we receive a yarn delivery with a new dyelot, we separate out the old and new. Our "odd lots" are moved here and discounted while they last in the colors and quantities listed. 

All sales on odd lots are final.

daylights is identical in every way to nightshades, with one exception. This color palette is built on an undyed natural cormo wool, dusted with six different colors. Combine it with nightshades for colorwork, or use alone for a subtle nod to the base colorway. 

Woolen-spun American Cormo & Wool in six delicate shades, created for every mood and spun with a dusting of color. This 3-ply American cormo and wool combine to form a light and airy DK weight yarn that is soft and distinct.

Featuring: bloodshot (dusted w/red). over easy (dusted w/yellow). 8:26 (dusted w/green). chirp (dusted w/blue). lint (dusted w/purple). caffeine (dusted w/brown).

FIBER: Woolen-spun American Cormo & Wool
YARDAGE: 250 yds
AMOUNT: 100 g / 3.5oz
WEIGHT: DK-Worsted
  • US 5 - 22 sts = 4”
  • US 6 - 20 sts = 4”
  • US 7 - 18 sts = 4”

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