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Field Guide | No. 9 Revolution

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For more than 30 years, Norah Gaughan has set our minds awhirl. She is a true revolutionary—a genius of construction, a master of cables, and a fearless innovator. These four designs are an extraordinary chance to play in Norah’s world.

This is the lightest, ease-iest Field Guide yet. These four designs from Julia Farwell-

Norah Gaughan’s inspiration is revolution, in all its forms. The twists of a tree, the ironwork of the Eiffel Tower, a curl of calligraphy.

Three of these cable motifs are interchangeable, making it possible to mix and match pattern and garment as you like. Freedom to choose—such a Norah Gaughan idea.

(Note: all cable directions are given in both written-out and charted format.)

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