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Brand Ewetopia

Wisco Sock is dyed in small batches and skeins vary from one to the next, so the yarn you receive will be beautiful and uniquely yours. If you have a preference based on our photos, leave us a note in your cart and we'll try to match your request with what we have in stock.

Wisco Sock is a heavy fingering weight 80% Merino / 20% Nylon dyed by Ewetopia in LaFarge, WI.

Choose your stitch count and color (Blue Heron or Hudson Valley) from the drop down menu...

FINGERING weight stitch counts: 

  • 64 stitch tube at 8-9 sts/inch = 7.25-7.75" tube (women's medium/men's small)
  • 72 stitch tube at 8-9 sts/inch = 8.25-8.75" tube (women's large/men's medium)

Each sock tube kit includes:

  • 50gr sock tube hand cranked by Firefly Fibers 
    • Sock tube length is approximately 21" (64 stitch) or 18" (72 stitch). See below. Wisco Sock is a bit heavier, so these tubes are a bit shorter than our others, but we've successfully turned a 72 stitch tube into socks for a US Men's size 13. 
  • TWO ~80 yard mini skein (~20gr) in contrasting color (CC) 
  • Firefly Fibers progress keeper 
  • Overview of how to knit socks using a sock tube - see below for more details on knitting socks from a sock tube.

Each skein of yarn that is handdyed and will vary in intensity (lighter/darker) and colors (some have more blue, some more orange/red, etc...). As such, the photos provided represent the colorways available and the sock tube you receive will be perfectly unique. 

Please note... this is a kit to knit your own socks, not a completed pair of socks. You'll receive a handcranked sock tube that's ready for you to knit the toes, heels, and cuffs, and these will be the quickest socks you've ever knit!

We recommend Susan B. Anderson's Smooth Operator sock pattern as a great resource for adding afterthought heels, as well as details on different toe options. There are also a lot of resources on making socks from sock tubes on YouTube and we're working on tutorials, too!

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