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Brooklyn Tweed | PEERIE


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Peerie has unfortunately been discontinued due to the shrinking US fiber manufacturing industry, so if you've been dreaming of working with this beautiful yarn, this is your last chance (and we've put it on sale for you). Thanks!  

210 yards (192 meters) | 50 grams | Fingering weight
20.5 micron Merino wool from Utah & Nevada
4-ply worsted-spun construction

  • Wool scoured at Chargeurs Wool USA in South Carolina
  • Spun at Worsted Spinning New England in Maine
  • Skein dyed & finished at Ultimate Textile in North Carolina

Peerie’s springy worsted-spun construction is suitable for a wonderful range of gauges:

  • 6¼ – 8 stitches to 1"
  • Suggested Needle: 2.75 - 3.5 mm (US 2-4)
  • Suggested Hook: 2.75 - 4 mm (US C-2 - G-6)


    Fingering weight Peerie is smooth, strong, and full of lively bounce. Worsted-spun from soft American Merino wool, this yarn’s round and springy 4-ply construction lends polish and durability to cables, lace, stockinette and textured stitches in garments and accessories – we love Peerie for socks! With a range of jewel tones, soft pastels, and neutrals, Peerie’s expansive color palette is perfect for crisp colorwork and sophisticated solids alike. 

    All images © Brooklyn Tweed | Jared Flood

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