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Needle Felted Steek | December 7


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Kit & Class: $49 (fee is for the kit and the class is included)

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Class Dates & Times | Saturday, Dec 7 (10:30am-Noon) 

Skills Needed | Basic knitting skills and willingness to have FUN while cutting your knitting!

Cutting your knitting?! Yes, we’re going to cut our knitting and it’s going to be fun! Needle felting is a simple way to secure your knitting before steeking - no crochet or sewing machine required. 

What is steeking? Steeking allows sweaters (and other knitted items that would normally be knit flat) to be knit in the round and cut an opening into the fabric later – this is especially beneficial when knitting colorwork and transforming a pullover into a cardigan.

What will you learn? We'll discuss what a steek is & when to use the needle felting method, hands on practice securing a steek using needle felting, cutting your steek, and we'll wrap up with finishing tips and, as an added bonus, we'll share the basics on how to add a steek to a project without one (ex. turning a pullover into a cardigan, or adding a steek to a cardigan that's knit flat). 

Once you register, we'll email you pre-work details with a list of class materials.

Practicing on a swatch is low pressure, FUN, and it will prepare you to confidently steek your “real” knitting!

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