| Seasonal Knitalongs |

This is a chance to try something new - knitalong projects focus on a new yarn, designer, technique... We test knit each and every project for you, so all you have to do is select your color of yarn and cast on - you'll find our current Knitalong shown here on display at the shop.

Questions? Our KAL FAQ has all the Knitalong details and our In-Store Knitalong Appreciation!

Summer Knitalong

Loosely knit brioche rib in a laceweight yarn is one of my very favourite fabrics, thick, squishy, and warm but incredibly lightweight. the cowl is worked from end to end, beginning and ending with a stockinette tube that is twisted before the ends are grafted together. This half twist is confined to the stockinette section for a simple, interesting detail.
— Ysolda Teague

psst... don't let "brioche" make you nervous, it's a simple brioche rib (with instructions in the pattern) and the perfect introduction to brioche and the beautiful fabric it creates!

| Firefly Fibers Supplies |

Yarn: Merletto by Julie Asselin – 1 skein

Pattern: Barley Sugar by Ysolda Teague - available as Ravelry PDF

| Knitalong Finish Date :: Saturday, September 17th |

SUMMER KAL EXTENSION - NEW finish date is Saturday, October 1st


Happy Barley Sugar Knitting!

Spring Knitalong

YARN | Fino by Julie Asselin

| 75% Merino :: 15% Cashmere :: 10% Silk | 400 yds/115g | Fingering Weight | Hand Wash, Lay Flat to Dry |

PATTERN | by Janina Kallio Designs

Choose from: Herald, Rosewater, and Wildheart (all one-skein shawls that can be easily adjust for 2 skeins,if you prefer a larger shawl) or Passeggiata uses one skein each of contrasting colors.


| Firefly Fibers Supplies |

Yarn: Fino by Julie Asselin – 1 or 2 skeins

Pattern: Janina Kallio Designs – choose from Herald, Rosewater, Wildheart, or Passeggiata

| Knitalong Finish Date :: Saturday, June 18th |


Happy Fino Shawl Knitting!

Winter Knitalong

Big Herringbone Cowl | in Blue Sky's Worsted Hand Dyes

The perfect winter accessory by The Purl Bee

Photo courtesy of The Purl Bee

Photo courtesy of The Purl Bee

Worsted Hand Dyes by Blue Sky Alpacas

| 50% royal alpaca & 50% Merino | 100 yds/100gr | Worsted Weight | 

| Hand Wash, Lay Flat to Dry |


| Firefly Fibers Supplies |

Yarn: Worsted Hand Dyes by Blue Sky Alpacas – 4-5 skeins

Pattern: Big Herringbone Cowl – available from Purl Soho on The Purl Bee blog

We used 4 skeins for our version – ask for our tip sheet with details when you get yarn.

| Knitalong Finish Date :: Saturday, March 19th |


Happy Big Herringbone Knitting!


Fall Knitalong 2015

The Fibre Co | Cumbria Collection Accessories

“Inspired by England's stunning northwest region with its deep blue lakes and sheep-grazed fells and valleys, Cumbria is a lustrous blend of brown wool from rare breed sheep, fine S. American merino wool, and mohair. The resulting light brown-grey shade is then over dyed creating lovely deep saturated colors. Cumbria is a staple yarn, perfect for garments and accessories alike.”

The Cumbria Collection was designed especially for Cumbria and the accessories are wonderful for trying out The Fibre Co’s new yarn – and also knittinh up a few gifts since you can knit one of each design for our knitalong. 

 Cumbria by The Fibre Co

| 90% wool / 10% mohair | 238 yds/150gr | Worsted Weight | Hand Wash, Lay Flat to Dry |


 | Firefly Fibers Supplies |

Yarn: Cumbria by The Fibre Co (1-3 skeins depending on project)

Pattern: PDF patterns available on Ravelry or at Firefly Fibers via Ravelry In-Store PDF.

 | Knitalong Finish Date :: Saturday, December 19th |


 Happy Cumbria Knitting!

Summer Knitalong 2015

Ending soon...

Pure | Aran by cabinfour in Blue Sky Alpacas EXTRA

pure / adjective / Latin pūrus : clean, unmixed, plain, pure.


The simple lines and subtle texture of cabinfour’s Pure | Aran are the perfect complement to Extra’s light & lofty mix of luxe baby alpaca & fine Merino wool – truly, a lovely combination for a gorgeous shawl.

 Extra by Blue Sky Alpacas

| 55% baby alpaca & 45% fine Merino | 218 yds/150gr | Aran Weight | Hand Wash, Lay Flat to Dry |


 | Firefly Fibers Supplies |

Yarn: Extra by Blue Sky Alpacas – 2 skeins

Pattern: Pure | Aran by cabinfour - PDF pattern available on Ravelry or at Firefly Fibers via Ravelry In-Store PDF.

 | Knitalong Finish Date :: Saturday, September 19th |

psst... if you're joining our KAL with Extra, this is also Alisa's yarn of choice for theJuly Simple Knits Knitalong project. It's also a cabinfour design and you can use a full skein or just the leftovers from the Pure | Aran shawl. Pop on over to Alisa the Yarnista's website for details


 Happy Pure | Aran Knitting!

Many thanks to Deneise of cabinfour for permission to use her beautiful design photos. Thanks so much!