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Registration begins online on Tuesday, March 29 at 8:30AM and in the shop at 10AM. See you in Class!

If you want to enroll in a class, you can register at the shop, online or by phone – your seat in class is reserved with full payment. 

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Knitting Essentials | Learn to Knit - register online

Tuesdays: Apr 19 & 26 (6-7:30PM) $55 class fee (2 sessions)

Class fee includes Learn to Knit Companion, practice yarn, and needles.

Whether you want to try something new or just want to build knitting confidence, our Learn to Knit class will have you on your way to knitting success. In class you’ll learn… cast on, knit, purl and bind off and we’ll provide inspiration for your first project so you can practice your new knitting skills. This is where your knitting adventure begins!

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Willingness to learn & desire to have fun!


Handmade Essentials | Intro to Embroidery - register online

Tuesday: May 17 (6-8:30PM) $25 class fee (1 session) + supplies

Do you love the look of hand-embroidery and would love to give it a whirl, but are a little intimidated or think you don’t have the time? “This is a deceptively simple craft. Embroidery is easy, relaxing, and one of the least expensive hobbies you can take up. YOU CAN DO THIS.” – Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. It’s all true! In class, you’ll learn… basic embroidery tools, how to transfer an embroidery pattern, 5 essential embroidery stitches, tips & tricks, and more while working on a classic dish towel! Really… choosing your Sublime Stitching transfer design and floss color palette before class will be the most difficult part.  

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Willingness to learn and have fun!


Handmade Essentials | Learn to Crochet - register online

Tuesday: Aug 9 (6-8PM) $45 class fee (1 session)

Class fee includes Learn to Crochet Companion, practice yarn, and hook.

Want to learn something new? Try crochet!  In class you’ll learn… the basics of crochet materials, creating a chain, a variety of crochet stitches, how to keep your edges straight, and more! Whether you’re new to fiber arts or you’re a knitter looking for some new skills, this is the class for you!   

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Willingness to learn & desire to have fun!


Knitting Essentials | Magic Loop - register online

Saturday: Apr 9 (10:30-Noon) $15 class fee + supplies

Imagine if double-points and ladders were a thing of the past – it’s possible with Magic Loop!  In class you’ll learn… the Magic Loop technique of using one long circular needle to knit small circumferences in the round, how to apply this technique to a variety of projects (mitts, socks, hats and more) and tips for success. Whether you love your DPNs or you’re looking for an alternate method, this technique-based class will have you well on your way to success with using this magical technique on your own projects! 

Skills needed to be successful in this class:  Cast on, Knit & purl, Increasing & decreasing, Knitting in the round on double-pointed and circular needles, Bind off


Knitting Essentials | Knitting in the Round - register online

Tuesday: Jun 14 $20 class fee (1 lesson) + supplies

Take your knitting to the next level and discover the joy of knitting in the round while working on the Ribbed Handwarmers by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas! In class you’ll learn… casting on and knitting in the round with double-pointed needles, joining without twisting and we’ll also discuss how to knit in the round using circular needles so you can knit a matching ribbed beanie. If you haven’t tried circular knitting yet, this class is a must!

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Cast on, Knit & purl, Basic decreases, Bind off, Pattern reading


Knitting Essentials | Cast On - register online

Tuesday: May 10 (6-8PM) $20 class fee (1 session) + supplies

A cast on can make (or break) a project, but how do you know what type of cast on to use? There are so many varieties and choosing the right one is no easy feat and we’re here to help.  In class, you’ll learn… why the cast on matters, cast on tips, a variety of cast-ons from basic to complex, how to pair cast on and project, and more!

Skills needed to be successful in this class:  Long-tail cast on, Knit & purl


Knitting Essentials | Bind Off - register online

Tuesday: May 31 (6-8PM) $20 class fee (1 session) + supplies

Just as the cast on is an essential part of a knitting project, the bind off is just as important for project success. Many times, we’re so excited to wrap up a project that a second thought isn’t given to the bind off and a good bind off can really make a big difference. In class, you’ll learn… why the bind off matters, bind off tips, how to pair a bind of with your project, a variety of bind offs varying from basic, to decorative, to stretchy, and more!

Skills needed to be successful in this class:  Cast on, Knit & purl


Knitting Essentials | Two-at-a-Time - register online

Saturday: May 14 (11AM-1PM) $25 class fee (1 session) + supplies

So, you’ve mastered knitting one small circumference on circular needles with either Magic Loop or the 2-Circular Method and now you want to tackle knitting two “something’s” at-a-time? We’ll show you how! In class, you’ll learn… casting on two-at-a-time, working two-at-a-time, along with tips for success on a variety of projects. With a little practice, you’ll be ready apply this new skill for perfectly matching socks, sleeves, mittens and more!

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Cast on, Knit & purl, Magic Loop or 2-Circular Method


Sock Workshop | Top-Down Socks - register online

Tuesdays: Jul 12 (6-7:30PM), Jul 19 (6-8PM) & Jul 26 (6-7:30PM). $45 class fee (3 sessions) + supplies

Socks are the ideal knitting project – they’re lightweight, portable and take up very little space. For our workshop, we’ve chosen a straight-forward classic sock pattern that is sure to become your ‘go-to’ sock in the future. In class you’ll learn… slip-stitch pattern for the heel flap, short-row heel turning, picking up stitches, gusset & toe shaping, and Kitchener stitch for closing the toe. Once you understand the basics of sock anatomy and construction, you’ll be able to successfully launch your own adventures in sock knitting!

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Long-tail or cable cast on, Knitting in the round on DPNs, Knit & purl, Basic decreases, Pattern reading


 Fair Isle Colorwork | Clayoquot Toque - register online

Tuesday: Aug 16 (6-8:30PM) $25 class fee (1 session) + supplies

Stranded knitting creates a design that looks complicated, but with a little practice, it’s actually very simple. In class you’ll learn… to read color charts, how to knit with more than one color at the same time, correct tension to avoid ‘puckering’, and the theory of color dominance.  Tin Can Knits Clayoquot Toque is a modern fair-isle hat with plenty of stranding practice and a great ‘blank canvas’ for testing color combinations!

Skills needed to be successful in this class:  Cast on, Knit & purl, Increasing & decreasing, Pattern reading, Knitting in the round circular needles, Knitting in the round on DPNs or magic loop


Sweater Lab | Summer 2016 - accepting waitlist requests...

Contact us to be put on the waitlist for future sessions. Pre-registration was offered to our Sweater Club members and filled almost immediately, so please contact us to be waitlisted and if we receive enough requests, we'll do our best to schedule another class for you and you'll have first chance to register! 

Do you love knitting sweaters? We do! Do you find it challenging to stay on task or need help here and there? We understand. Say hello to Sweater Lab – an open format sweater “class” where you choose your sweater and we’ll help keep you on task (we’ll set a schedule at our first session. Our labs are 3 or 4 sessions and during each session, we’ll be available to answer questions, provide help, cheer you along, and we’re sure to discuss all sorts of sweater-ly things – shaping, seaming, structure, styles, yarn, patterns, modifications, and more! Our goal is simple… to do what we can to help you complete a sweater when our last session wraps up and to have fun along the way!

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Successful completion of sweaters.


Sweater Workshop | CustomFit Sweater -

Contact us at the shop to be added to the waitlist for our next session beginning Summer 2016.

Currently in Session.... Saturdays: Jan 16, Feb 13, Mar 19 and April 2 (12:30-2:30PM) 

$85 class fee (includes 4 sessions, measuring appointment and CustomFit pattern) + supplies.

Fall in love with sweater knitting! Join us in class and knit a beautiful sweater based on YOUR yarn, YOUR gauge, YOUR measurements, and the sweater design of YOUR choice! In class, you’ll learn… how to approach sweater knitting, sweater construction, shaping options, blocking, seaming, setting in sleeves, picking up stitches and more! Whether you’re a first time sweater knitter, or looking to refine your sweater skills, there’s something in this workshop (and the CustomFit Sweater Library) for everyone!  

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Cast on, Knit & purl, Increasing & Decreasing, Bind off, Pattern reading.

Curious about CustomFit? Visit our CustomFit page for information!


CustomFit | Getting Started

Contact the shop to schedule an appointment. Currently available as two private consults – $45 w/pattern + supplies

Create your own CustomFit sweater using YOUR measurements, YOUR gauge, and YOUR design elements – truly a sweater just for YOU without any sweater math or modifications! It starts with professional body measurements (we only have to take these once) and swatching with a yarn you love (really, it’s fun) and then you select a built-in CustomFit design or create your own from scratch (there are a lot of choices). Once you’ve selected your yarn and sweater options, we’ll walk you through each step of the process from successful swatching to reading through your CustomFit pattern, so you can just cast on and knit a sweater that’s perfectly YOU!

Skills needed to be successful in this class: Previous sweater knitting experience is necessary. If you’ve never knit a sweater, or want to brush up on your sweater knitting skills, try our CustomFit Sweater Workshop where we cover all the techniques needed to successfully complete your CustomFit sweater.


Private Lessons | An appointment with an instructor

Did a class run, but it didn’t work with your schedule? Do you want to learn a technique that isn’t on our class schedule or do you have a specific project that you need help with? Do you have a group of friends that want to take a class together? In addition to our regular class schedule we offer private lessons for the topic of your choice with dedicated one-on-one or group knitting instruction. Contact us at the shop for details on scheduling..
One Student: $30/hour - minimum of 1 hour. Each additional student: $10/hour.


Please review our Class Policies when registering for a class.