Knitalong | A Little Secret

I've generally thought that I'm not a very good "secret keeper" since my face gives everything away, but truth be told, I am actually pretty good at keeping secrets - or at least some secrets. When it comes to classes and knitalongs for the shop, these are all generally knit in secret for various reasons, but while I'm knitting, I'm bursting at the seams to share. Our upcoming Fall Knitalong is no exception and, thankfully, the timing has worked out perfectly so I actually get to share this secret a little early and before I even get to cast on!

Julie Asselin Logo


The lovely Julie Asselin and her hand dyed yarns have been a perfect addition in the shop and one of her lines we've been anxiously waiting to arrive is Leizu DK - 90% superwash merino / 10% silk - and the first shipment will be here in just a few days!



We've been "ooo'ing" and "ahhh'ing" over the sample skein while waiting for our order. As luck would have it, a few weeks ago, designer Alicia Plummer had just finished knitting this gorgeous shawl in Leizu DK and she was in the process of selecting test knitters, so we - of course - followed the test knit progress because her design just HAD to be a Firefly Fibers Knitalong.


Gorgeous, right?! The pattern, released just a few days ago, is already wildly popular on Ravelry and our first order of Leizu DK is currently in transit from Canada, so I'm happy to share that our upcoming Fall Knitalong will feature Campside by Alicia Plummer in Julie's Leizu DK!


Here's the thing... knitalongs need a lot of yarn, so as soon as we knew the timing of the pattern release would work with our Fall Knitalong, we got back on Julie's dying schedule, but we don't want to make you wait...

Our Fall Knitalong will officially kick off in a few weeks, but since we have Leizu DK arriving any day now and more scheduled to be dyed next week, we're giving you a couple options for your Campside...  


  1. Select a color for your Campside from the colors we'll have in stock - so, if you're anxious to start, you can choose a color from the soon-to-be-arriving order and start the Fall Knitalong early.
  2. Select from ANY of Julie's stunning colors before next Wednesday, Sept 17th and we'll add it to our upcoming order for you - the order will be dyed next week and arriving before the end of September. 

Honestly, the colors we have on the way are gorgeous and there's sure to be one that you'll fall in love with, but we know you might want one that's not on our list or you love one that everyone else loved too, so here's your chance to pick ANY color!



Julie's full line of colors are available here on her website or you can visit the shop to see the colorways we have in stock - we currently have a great selection of colors in Milis and Merletto. 

We'll make an announcement as soon as the Leizu DK arrives at the shop, in the meantime... pop on over to the Pom Pom Quarterly blog to get the pattern and read the story behind this wonderful collaboration between Alicia Plummer and Julie Asselin!


Many thanks to both Alicia and Julie for your time and assistance in coordinating our Fall Knitalong!