della Q to the Rescue

I use interchangeable needles, 3 sets to be exact, and I use them all regularly.  I tote these needles back and forth from the store to home and back again on a daily basis.  As one can guess, this doesn't leave a lot of room for yarn in the project bag and also increases the chance of misplacing or leaving a set behind. 

This last fall, I was anxious for della Q's new Interchangeable Cases, yet for months after they arrived I continued to jam my 3 needle cases (seen below on the left) into my knitting bag each morning and evening.  Finally, I decided enough was enough and tried a della Q Double Interchangeable Needle Case (seen below on the right) - oh, why did I wait?

The cases on the left are actually empty and the della Q case seen here has the needles from all 3 sets stored in it.  
The Double Interchangeable Case is full and smaller than one case.

Yes, I know, I said I have three (3) sets and double means two (2) and this means I have one (1) set too many for this case, but I'm a creative thinker... 

This case will fit 2 full sets of interchangeable needles US sizes 2-17, so I moved things around a bit.  This is how it all worked out on the inside:
The Hiya Hiya small set (I love the US size 2 and 3 tips in this set) are on the top right, the Addi lace are top left, the Addi Turbos are on the bottom, the Hiya cords are in the bottom pockets in front of the Turbo tips and the Addi cables can be seen in the bottom right corner peeking out of the zippered pocked on the other side.  

I also have a needle gauge, two Addi cable connectors and the Hiya needle grips safely tucked away.  I now have everything I need right at my fingertips in one single compact case.  
We carry both the single and double cases in several colors here at Firefly Fibers, along with a selection of other della Q needle cases and project bags. 

The interchangeable cases - in either the single or double set version - offer so much in a compact size for needle organization.  And, if you're as prepared as I am for ANY knitting emergency with 3 sets -- yes, I know this is foolish -- this case can provide flexibility for you, too. 

You can read more about the specifics of these cases on the della Q website:

Happy Knitting!