This Is Progress!!!

Hi everyone!

We have been making amazing progress!  The painting is done other than the front sitting area and doors (thank you Mike and dad-in-law).  

Here are some pictures of our hard work.

Orders are arriving (that is a lot of yarn):
Shelves are being assembled in record time (thank you Mike and Kevin):
The classroom table is ready to go and chairs will be here soon:
We have beautiful light fixtures:
And shelves are being stocked:
The above picture is our Misti Alpaca Bulky and this was a joy to unpack!  I am a beauty school drop-out (twice) because of not enjoying having hair on me, but somehow being covered in a light coating of baby alpaca is amazingly tolerable. 

We have several order coming in the next week and I can't wait to will fill our shelves with more fibers that are beautiful to the eye and touch!